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Access Therapies for

Macular Degeneration...

...and Macular Regeneration 

The regular medical doctors don't have an answer. This book gives you so many answers for those searching to save their eyesight.


World-Class Coach & Trainer, David Wygant, the real life inspiration for the Movie "Hitch" has agreed to share his experiences with healing dry macular degeneration as he begins his journey with Accelerated Self Healing™.

David takes tremendous care of his health, and has already worked with many top practitioners in the field, so let's see if we can find a way to make a breakthrough with him on his quest to reverse the early stages of ARMD.

Watch for future updates as David makes progress on his quest for healing...

"Mr. DeCosta has had dramatic improvement in his vision despite having had wet macular degeneration... He gave me a copy of the report that you had written on this topic, and I appreciate all of the work that you did..."

Bruce Ballon, M.D., Harvard trained Retinologist

"I'm really seeing some encouraging results with actual healing of tissue... Seeing documented recovery of some visual fields and also seeing assistance with lens clarity improving nicely and overall just general health improvement. And so, it's been a great, great addition to my practice..."

Dr. Todd Wylie, Doctor of Optometry

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