Get Retinal Regeneration Results... Naturally!

Because you are unique, your results with Accelerated Self-Healing will be unique to your situation.

When you begin to reverse the causes that got you to where you are now, you are travelling backward in time. In healing work, it is a process long known as 'retracing'... 

There are no typical cases... and none of us can know the outcome of our personal healing efforts without actually doing the work to get there.

The results illustrated here are provided to offer you hope and encouragement that healing can be possible, even in situations where textbooks claim that the changes in our vision are categorically 'irreversible'.

One can never actually prove that healing is impossible, though it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy if we start with that limiting belief. We have come to believe that we can only discover what is possible by trying...

And we believe that those efforts should follow our sacred Hippocratic Oath as healers to "First do no harm".

So we design systems of natural nutritional, botanical and energetic formulations, healing tools and programs to support your unique needs on a dynamic month by month basis

Clinical Results with Macular Edema

In the case shown below, Joy Dettling's Macular Edema improved in just 3 months with her individualized Accelerated Self-Healing program:

See what Joy has to say about her experience with Accelerated Self-Healing:

We encourage you to maintain your regular schedule of followup visits with your local eye doctor or retinal specialist to monitor your progress through conventional, but non-invasive diagnostic procedures that are the crowning jewel of Western Medicine.

If your doctor is open-minded, sharing how you are healing yourself can help them to help others save their vision, as well...

Clinical Results with Lipofuscin Deposits at age 93

Clinical Results with Wet Macular Degeneration

"Mr. DeCosta has had dramatic improvement in his vision despite having had wet macular degeneration. The improvement in his vision occurred after beginning intensive use of powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and herbal treatment, including Ginkgo biloba, bilberry and grape seed extract. He gave me a copy of the report that you had written on this topic, and I appreciate all of the work that you did on a subject that obviously needs more research, but is very promising for patients who have very few alternatives."

Bruce J. Ballon, M.D.

Harvard-trained Retinologist (Retinal specialist)

"Dr. Swartwout's thoroughness as a researcher is unquestionable,"

Dr. Jacob Liberman

Author of Light: Medicine of the Future.

After first visit: "My whole body straighter."

Second visit: "My son and a friend both said I was looking better. Another friend said my complexion had improved. My ophthalmologist in Honolulu was jubilant. He told me my eyes looked great. I was not surprised because I could tell when I would read, that the yellow in my eyes was much diminished."

Third visit: "My hearing has improved some, my foot continues to get better, the yellow in my eyes seems almost gone, and my reading vision has improved.... My whole body seems to be responding..."

Then: "Now walking almost normally again."

And: "I no longer have the feeling of being handicapped. This means I have more zest for life. My husband has noticed I have more stamina."

Finally: "First dental appointment in years not requiring antibiotics due to report from Dr. Matsuura, heart specialist, that I no longer showed any signs of a prolapsed mitral valve. Credit was given - or at least explanation stated - that I was seeing a holistic doctor." Also, after a gauss meter confirmed an electromagnetic field where Joyce was sleeping, the source was moved and she reported: "Have been sleeping much more soundly since water pipes were rerouted... I am dreaming more, as Dr. Swartwout said I might."

Joyce Suenobu, Retired Teacher in Hawai'i

"While I was waiting  to receive the Liver Support to complete this series of sacraments, I could actually feel my body really, trying hard to improve - or at least keep status quo - in my eyes -- mostly Right.  I felt it trying, but it wasn't quite able to keep it together as I did experience some vision distortions and a feeling of system unbalance.  I was just taking my own mix of supplements for that time slot.  After 3 days with the new series,  I felt the sacraments energy "lifting me" over that rough spell and felt the assist to my own body's attempt to continue healing -- get back on track.  Though the lapse time between the series supplements was longer than I'd care to wait again, during this initial healing year,  it did make me aware of my own body's inner healing energy in a very strong way.  So I'm glad to know that part of me is alive and doing it's thing -- always trying toward the good and whole." 

private client in the Monterey Bay area, California

Results with Retinitis Pigmentosa...

Here's a long distance client who found us through our Macular Regeneration program, even though she was blinded by a genetically inherited retinal condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)...

Her Ophthalmologist had already referred her to services for the blind, and told her that there was no reason to make any further visits for eye care, as there was no treatment for her blinding eye disease...

The information in the book gave her hope, so she consulted with us and implemented an Accelerated Self-Healing program at home...

In a period of about 6 months, she cleared black spots in her vision, which improved enough to identify her two sons before hearing them speak...

She also lost 50 pounds and improved her general health and quality of life!

Rather than treating symptoms and diagnoses, we rely on your local health care providers to monitor those conditions, while we listen to your body's innate intelligence to guide us to the most efficient and effective support systems for faster, easier and more effective self-healing processes.

As we get older, we often accumulate layer upon layer of incomplete healing processes...

With optimized individual support for Accelerated Self-Healing, you can begin to reverse that process, on average peeling back about a one-year layer of accumulation for each month of Acclerated Self-Healing.

Eyes don't get sick on their own... and they don't heal blinding eye diseases on their own either...

Your ability to heal your eyes depends on all the other supportive functions of your body including digestion, absorption, circulation, immunity and elimination systems.

That's why our unique system supports Accelerated Self-Healing for every cell in your body, as well as your mind and your spirit...

You have your own set of challenges and gifts, so the examples here are meant to be inspirational rather than predictive.

Your body is always healing itself and always undergoing aging and degeneration at the same time...

If the process of cleansing and repair are supported to work faster than the ongoing damage, then rejuvenation of function and regeneration of structure can be achieved.

The only way to truly know what is possible is to try...

We look forward to being on your wellness team.

-Dr. Glen Swartwout