Feedback about Macular Regeneration...

"Mr. DeCosta has had dramatic improvement in his vision despite having had wet macular degeneration. The improvement in his vision occurred after beginning intensive use of powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and herbal treatment, including Ginkgo biloba, bilberry and grape seed extract. He gave me a copy of the report that you had written on this topic, and I appreciate all of the work that you did on a subject that obviously needs more research, but is very promising for patients who have very few alternatives."

Bruce J. Ballon, M.D.

Harvard-trained Retinologist (Retinal specialist)

"Dr. Swartwout's thoroughness as a researcher is unquestionable,"

Dr. Jacob Liberman

Author of Light: Medicine of the Future.

After first visit: "My whole body straighter."

Second visit: "My son and a friend both said I was looking better. Another friend said my complexion had improved. My ophthalmologist in Honolulu was jubilant. He told me my eyes looked great. I was not surprised because I could tell when I would read, that the yellow in my eyes was much diminished."

Third visit: "My hearing has improved some, my foot continues to get better, the yellow in my eyes seems almost gone, and my reading vision has improved.... My whole body seems to be responding..."

Then: "Now walking almost normally again."

And: "I no longer have the feeling of being handicapped. This means I have more zest for life. My husband has noticed I have more stamina."

Finally: "First dental appointment in years not requiring antibiotics due to report from Dr. Matsuura, heart specialist, that I no longer showed any signs of a prolapsed mitral valve. Credit was given - or at least explanation stated - that I was seeing a holistic doctor." Also, after a gauss meter confirmed an electromagnetic field where Joyce was sleeping, the source was moved and she reported: "Have been sleeping much more soundly since water pipes were rerouted... I am dreaming more, as Dr. Swartwout said I might."

Joyce Suenobu, Retired Teacher in Hawai'i

Retinitis Pigmentosa...

Here's a long distance client who found us through our Macular Regeneration program, even though she was blinded by a genetically inherited retinal condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)...

Her Ophthalmologist had already referred her to services for the blind, and told her that there was no reason to make any further visits for eye care, as there was no treatment for her blinding eye disease...

The information in the book gave her hope, so she consulted with us and implemented an Accelerated Self-Healing program at home...

In a period of about 6 months, she cleared black spots in her vision, which improved enough to identify her two sons before hearing them speak...

She also lost 50 pounds and improved her general health and quality of life!